Five Smart Guide To Choose The Hotel Furniture

The beautiful appearance of hotels is becoming increasingly important as the consumption environment of the current hotel market changes. Hotel furniture is not only related to the hotel functions but also directly affects the ornamental of the hotel.

Choosing the right furniture for your hotel can help you stay within budget and implement your design concept.

Here are some important tips that can help you throughout the process of furnishing your hotel to achieve the best results.

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1. Durability


When choosing the type of furniture for your hotel, choose furniture materials that are durable. Everyday items in the room, such as telephones, ashtrays, teacups, table lamps, planters, etc., are likely to cause scratches on the surface of the furniture during daily use, affecting the effective life of the furniture.


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Hotel Furniture Solution for Crowne Plaza Dalian Xinghai


2. Comfort


As a hotel owner, making sure your guests are comfortable should be a top priority. The effect of a beautiful sofa or chair can be ruined if your guests feel uncomfortable sitting on it, and these sofas and chairs need to be made of high-quality fabrics. 
Consider providing multiple types of pillows and cushions so your guests can choose according to their preferences. 


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Hotel Furniture Solution for Crowne Plaza Dalian Xinghai


3. Aesthetics


The choice of hotel furniture should be considered in combination with the overall decoration style of the hotel, avoiding simple decoration with luxury furniture, or luxury decoration with low-grade furniture;
Each room should have a wide application color scheme, which usually uses a lot of neutral colors and earth tones. 
With modern furniture design can help your hotel stand out and attract a wide range of customers.



4. Environmentally friendly


Hotel rooms are relatively airtight, and furniture that irritates the eyes and nose can affect the guest experience, which will ultimately have a direct impact on the occupancy rate of the room. 
Currently, the environmental friendliness of furniture has become an important factor for guests to choose the hotel to stay at.


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Hotel Furniture Solution for Ronghui Peninsula Hotel


5. Quality


Hotel furniture selection should take into account both the initial investment and the repeated cumulative investments in furniture over the course of operation to ensure occupancy rates are not reduced due to aging and damage. 
Purchasing hotel furniture from trusted and reputable sellers will help ensure that you get your money's worth.


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Hotel Furniture Solution for Beijing Tibet Exchange Center Hotel


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