Conference Table With Power Outlets: Convenient Choice For Regular Meeting

A conference table with power outlets is a modern office furniture that integrates a variety of functions such as power, data, networking and more. It features multiple power outlets and data outlets to easily power and transmit data to the electronic devices in the conference room. The conference table with power outlets can also be customized according to customer needs, such as adding wireless chargers, USB interfaces, audio outputs and other functions to meet different meeting needs.


DIOUS Furniture is a reliable furniture manufacturer, wholesale office furniture, accept Original Equipment Manufacturer and Custom Service.


Characteristics Of Conference Table With Power Outlets By DIOUS Furniture


Easy to use: conference table with power outlets is equipped with a power outlet, which can conveniently power the attendees, without worrying about insufficient power or need to charge outside the conference room, improve the efficiency and comfort of the conference.


Additional multimedia functionality: through the power supply provided by the plug, the conference table can be presented and displayed with multimedia equipment, such as projectors, TV, audio, etc., increase the multimedia function of the meeting, improve the communication effect and participation of participants.


Reduce security risks: conference table with power outlets, which can reduce the clutter and intersection of electrical wires, reduce safety risks, and avoid problems such as wires and bad contact.


Increase the cleanliness of the desk: conference table with power outlets, which allows the electrical wires to be hidden beneath the desk, improve the cleaning of the desktop, and avoid the disturbance of the vision of the wires and affect the beauty.


Improve desktop utility: conference table with power outlets that allows attendees to easily charge or use electrical devices when needed, improving desktop practicality and flexibility.


Strong Applicability: conference table with power outlets are suitable for different occasions and needs, whether business conferences, academic lectures, training courses or other types of meetings, can meet the needs of participants and improve the efficiency and quality of the conference.


A Specific Product Designed By DIOUS Furniture


The Muchi series are a light, opulent paint collection designed with leaders and aristocrats' dedication in mind. Leaders and elites can benefit from the application of architectural and sculptural aesthetics and the flawless fusion of beautiful, modern, and exquisite taste.

The unconventional idea of the table legs are updated by the asymmetrical design. The design produces a powerful impression of a demanding meeting area in addition to guaranteeing the stability and security of the conference table.


The Muchi conference table's opposite side of the table top is circular and edgeless, according to the asymmetrical design concept and exhibiting a delicate and elegant temperament.


On the top of the table, there are six multi-function wire boxes. Attendees of the conference may quickly charge their gadgets thanks to the user-friendly design.




Conference table with power outlets by DIOUS Furniture has many advantages, such as appearance, simplicity, practicality, high comfort, high quality materials and process manufacturing, can provide high-quality services for your conference room. Conference tables with power outlets are a modern smart office furniture that can provide a convenient, efficient and comfortable use experience for your meeting room and is an indispensable part of a modern office environment. 


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