Useful tips on how to choose a suitable office chair

Chairs are an essential element of the workspace and can significantly impact productivity and efficiency. How to choose a suitable office chair? Dious gives you the answer.


There is no ideal office chair for everyone because everyone's body is different. However, it is not difficult to set several standards: an ideal office chair should make it easier for you to work without straining your back and not harming your health. So, compared with the standard one, the ergonomic chair is much better.


The right ergonomic chair will accommodate the shape of your body snugly, support a proper posture, and keep your joints and tissues in a neutral position. Here are the most vital characteristics of a good ergonomic chair:



1. Seat height & depth

The height of the chair must allow the user to place their feet flat on the floor with thighs parallel to the floor. As for the depth, ideally, you should be able to sit comfortably with your back against the seat's backrest.


2. Adjustability

Everyone is different, so the chair should be adjustable to suit its unique user. Think about the context in which you'll be using the chair and ensure it will adapt to each function it'll serve.

3. Lumbar support

After one day of sitting, our back is always overloaded. So, the most important criterion of the chair is the availability of good lumbar support and its adjustability.

4. Backrest

A typical backrest should be between 12 and 19 inches wide, allowing you to adjust the height and angle to support the spine's natural curve.

5. Material

A good chair should be made of breathable materials that are comfortable for long-term use.


In fact, it is not difficult to find a high-quality ergonomic chair. Dious provides all sorts of office chairs, you can get whatever you need here. These are some advantages of Dious office chair:


1. Ergonomics: Dious office chairs offer good lumbar support, adjustable seat height and armrests. This will help you maintain a good posture and reduce the risk of back pain and other discomforts.


2. Comfort: Dious office chairs are equipped with comfortable cushion and breathable upholstery that doesn't make you feel too hot or sweaty after sitting for extended periods.


3. Durability: the quality of materials and construction that Dious uses ensures that the chair will last long and withstand daily wear and tear.



4. Mobility: Dious office chair has smooth-rolling wheels that can move easily on the office floor.


If you're at a desk all day, a good office chair can help to keep you comfortable, which allows you to remain alert and concentrated. Dious office chair can meet all your requirements, never hesitate to contact us!



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