DIOUS Regular Internal Training Course
DIOUS Regular Internal Training Course DIOUS hold internal training every month to introduce the new artwork and marketing poclicy. To perfect the marketing system and service platform, every Diousian have the chance to propose good sugge...
DIOUS Business College- Training Course
DIOUS Business College.  DIOUS hold business training periodically. And invites business and artwork professor to have lecture every month.  On 14th October, 2014, DIOUS invites the Furniture material expert Ms. Huang from Pek...
DIOUS have great passion in Charities
DIOUS always supports charity at the quickest time whenever there's any disaster. And raise money and items for victims . President and staffs line to devote money for victims.  ...
DIOUS attended the CCTV
DIOUS Attended the CCTV "World Cup" Studio World Cup is the is the most popular TV for football fans and is also a major worldwide media and have large commercial organizations gluttonous event. With CCTV9 (CCTV English Channel) in the 19t...
Decision Making Tips for Upgrading Your Office Furniture
Making financial investments internally in your company can be a tough decision, because usually you’re pitted against two goods. On a basic level, that typically means weighing the advantages of something short term, like salary bonuses a...
Staying Innovative in the Right Office Space
Here are a few of the big questions and findings that may be instructive as you consider how you are using existing office space or what to look for to keep that innovative spirit alive: 1. Do we need office space? Prior to ...
The advantages of green office furniture
Once again the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) made the biggest global call to action this month with their awareness campaign, World Environment Day, which took place last week Friday, 5 June. The theme for this year is Sustain...
Evolution and Transformation Required
"If you don't transform, your industry will be transformed."  -Robert F. Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners at the 2015 World Economic Forum-----Article and idea study Regardless of your industry, the product you se...
The Government Team visit our company to supervise the factory
August 17, Jiangxi Nanchang and Guangdong Zhongshan party secretary Xiede Jiang and their party come to visit our company, they visit all our divison, factory, logistic center, production line and warehouse for inspection.  ...
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