Apartment furniture solution for Zhuzhou Minicipal Party School

Time of issue:Jan 21,2022

Zhuzhou Municipal Party School was founded in 1958. It is an education institution which specifically trains cadres of the Chinese Communist Party.


Apartment furniture solution Outlooking


Our apartment furniture solution for Zhuzhou Municipal Party School is uniform styled wood furniture, with dual colors of light cherry and dark cherry, beautiful grains and dedicated aesthetics.




Apartment furniture solution Bedroom1


Bedrooms'design focuses on comfort. The overall design is simple and elegant, using the color combination of cherry and white to display a sense of spacious and bright space.


Apartment furniture solution bedroom2


The multi-functional wardrobe is combined with the storage space, which can store a large number of books, and provide certain storage space for daily sundries.


Apartment furniture solution Bathroom


We use the gray tone design for the shower room and scientific space dividing, big washbasin, apcacious shower room, creating a clean and efficient space.


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