Commercial Showroom Furniture Solution For HAVAL 4S Store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Time of issue:Aug 02,2022

We are pleased to provide commercial showroom furniture design solutions for Haval 4S store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The overall furniture solution presents the brand image of "exquisite and high-quality", bringing customers unexpected experiences.


HAVAL 4S Store-1


Public area


HAVAL 4S Store-2


Business negotiation area


HAVAL 4S Store-3


Office area


HAVAL 4S Store-4


Our furniture solution is suitable for various applications. The light color combining with simple design conveys delicacy and elegance, giving people fresh feeling.

The main colors of the working space is black, white, and gray, highlighting the rigorous, efficient, and professional office culture.

In this case, we proposed our Paries series and Lambo series, which are both a full range of collection with various products, catering to different applications and styles. 


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