Office Furniture Solution For Municipal Public Security Bureau

Time of issue:May 16,2022

Municipal Public Security Bureau is a functional department of Municipal Government in charge of the city's public security work, with the institutional specifications at the county level and a total of 34 internal institutions.


Government Integrity Education Center


As a leading provider of office funiture, we are honored to provide space solutions for Public Security Bureau. The overall furniture design is concise and generous, suitable for meeting rooms and conference halls.


Meeting room


Government Integrity Education Center Meeting Room


The meeting room, as the main space for holding various meetings, academic research, is furnished with a round table and long narrow tables to display a grand, stable and authoritative atmosphere,  which is convenient for police officers to conduct discussions and have a comfortable seating experience


Meeting hall


Government Integrity Education Center Living Roome


Different from the small meeting room, large meeting hall is designed with white modern foldable tables and stackable chairs to freely layout based on needs, which can effectively expand the accommodating space of the meeting room and help the participants to spread their minds freely.


Conference hall



The auditorium chairs with blue backrest in the conference hall are neat and orderly with soft seating experience. With long seating hours, there will be no stiff or uncomfortable feeling to distract the police officers.


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