Wonderful review of employee outdoor activities

Dious organized an outdoor development activity to enrich the spiritual and cultural lives of employees and to enhance team cohesion, combat effectiveness, and centripetal force.

Time of issue:2022-04-01


In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Dious employees and enhance the combat effectiveness, cohesion, and centripetal force of the team, we organized an outdoor development activity.

Participants were divided into four groups: Team Purple and Team Pink, Team Red and Team Blue. They carried out a series of challenges and scoring projects including "teamwork", "speed up skills" and "competitiveness". The activities were carried out in a lively atmosphere.
Each group actively cooperated with each other in different links to complete the challenging tasks. It can be said that this outdoor development activity is full of challenges and struggles, but it is also full of joys. This activity not only embodies the team spirit of "unity, struggles and win", but also enhances the friendship between personnel in various departments.
After the activity, the team members conducted a comprehensive review. This outdoor development activity not only helps to enhance team cohesion, but also allows everyone to have a clearer cognition and understanding of their work roles and positioning.

Facing the new journey and challenges in 2022, we expect that every DIOUS employee will devote themselves to work and life with more fighting spirit, more vigorous attitude, and more energy, and make concerted efforts to promote the rapid development of the group, and have a good balance between work and life! We hope all enjoy work and love life.


outdoor development activity,cultural life