2023 Dious Cup - Tug of War and 3v3 Basketball Showdown

2023 Dious Cup - Tug of War and 3v3 Basketball Showdown

Time of issue:2023-12-05



The 2023 "Dious Cup" at Dious Furniture Group's Jiangmen Jianghai Industrial Park concluded with a thrilling Tug of War and 3v3 Basketball finals on December 1st. Featuring 34 teams and nearly 300 participants, the month-long competition showcased exceptional skills and teamwork.

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3v3 Basketball


3v3 Basketball: Receiving, turning, breakthroughs, seamless shooting actions, and fantastic three-pointers showcased relentless offense and coordinated defense. Cheers, shouts, and applause echoed through the arena.


Tug of War




Tug of War: "Get ready… Start!" Players on both sides gripped the ropes tightly, exerting maximum strength with determination. Rhythm and pace coordination highlighted teamwork, stirring audience excitement.

Determination and perseverance on the field showcased the charm of sports, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The Dious Cup, a testament to Dious's spirit of relentless pursuit and unity, presented countless unforgettable moments, showcasing the determination to strive for excellence.




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