6 Ideas To Choose the Best Meeting Room Styles

In these days of COVID-19, if you want to have a quick meeting with your colleagues,  I am afraid it is not an appropriate practice to pull the chair to someone's desk.


The design of the meeting room is very important in the face of different meeting topics and people. It affects the efficiency of the speaker and the progress of the staff, and each meeting layout serves a different purpose. 

For example, some are useful for communicating new product knowledge, while others are great for group discussions and personal interactions.

Let's take a look at the six most common room layouts and choose the one that works best for you.

Meeting room style

1. Theater/Auditorium style


For a theater-style meeting room arrangement, the seating is like what you would see in a theater or movie theater. Lined up in rows, there is a center stage for the speakers, separated by a central or side aisle for easy access to the meeting,  with audience seats facing the stage in a straight line or semicircle.


When the meeting room needs to accommodate a larger group of people or the space is tight, then the theater layout is the best choice. This layout has little need for two-way interaction and is suitable for corporate-themed presentations or major meetings, like Skandanshi Corporate office's annual meeting and China Financial Futures Exchange(CFFEX), where speakers present their topics and answer the audience's questions on the center stage.


2. Classroom style


Also known as "school style," the classroom-style meeting room combines several meeting room types. The audience is lined up facing the main speaker, much like a theater-style, but with tables in front of the audience to take notes, use computers or dine, while being able to view presentations clearly.


It is suitable for education training or seminars, such as the meeting hall of Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and the meeting hall of Chongqing Ronghui Peninsula Hotel, which helps to expand the meeting space and experience.

classroom 2

3.  Hоllоw Sԛuаrе Style


The hollow square layout mimics the U-shaped design, also called the "closed U". It usually consists of four tables in a rectangular, square, or other design shape, next to each other.


What makes this conference room style special is the empty space in the middle, which allows a person to move between the four tables to offer advice or answer questions, etc.


It helps to promote communication and interaction among team members, and is suitable for several group discussions or group meetings of less than 20 people. The application of this style is common in conference of enterprises and institutions, and the meeting hall of the Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau also uses this meeting style.



4. U-shaped Style


The U-shaped meeting style, sometimes called a "horseshoe", is created in the shape of the letter "U" with an opening placed end-to-end at the meeting table, or using round tables with seating around one end leaving an opening and chairs placed on the outside of the table, it helps speakers and attendees interact and everyone can see the presentation on the screen.


This style is suitable for рrеѕеntаtiоnѕ, video conferencing, and training sessions, and the Wing Mau Building's U-shaped conference table is simple and stylish, with sophisticated ergonomic chairs which are the convenient exchange of ideas and communication. 


5. Bоаrdrооm Style


 That's the classic boardroom style you've seen in countless movies and sitcoms, typically featuring rectangular or oval tables with seating on all sides, where top executives gather at the meeting table to discuss important decisions.

This meeting style is suitable for important meetings or video meetings. The smart meeting room at Wing Mau Building uses white tone as the main element, with modern leather chairs for a unique meeting experience.


6. Banqueting style
When you see the banquet style, you may think of an awards ceremony, which usually consists of a series of round tables that can seat 8 to 10 guests, this banquet style seating is also used for group events and social events. You can use the banquet hall for lunch or other refreshments during the meeting break time.

Banquet-style meeting layouts are often found in hotel banquet halls. The new Chinese-style banquet hall in Chongqing Ronghui Peninsula Hotel has flexible and changeable table and chair settings and can be divided into various types. It is an ideal place for luxury meetings, exhibitions, and weddings.



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