Lambo 1-shape panel

The Lambo panel system is dynamic in the frame, allowing you to change your space as your needs change. It provides extensive support for individual workstations as well as collaborative spaces. With the integration of storage, there are versatile options for various combinations.
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Modular design for flexible combinations


With its modular design, the Lambo Series offers a wide range of office furniture products, including desks, cabinets, mobile bases, different types of panel systems, and other products, effectively optimizing the space layout.

From formal meetings to collaborative gatherings or impromptu conversations to private conversations, Lambo can quickly create countless spaces and link them together perfectly.

Panel Systems Lambo 1-shape panel
Panel Systems Lambo 1-shape panel

The perfect solution for office departments



This design demonstrates the division of space, allowing staff to be more focused and further supporting staff who prefer to work independently or interactively or both. It is unified by simplification.

Various options



The panel system is a series that can fully customize based on users' demand and space limit, including the shapes, height, storage options, screen and board colors, as well as wiring system.


Users can choose freely according to their preferences, which is suitable for various office places.

Panel Systems Lambo 1-shape panel

Lambo panel system

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  • Specifications
  • Space
  • Product Product Model Width Depth Height V/CBM
    panel system LB-I1B 1260 630 1100 0.169
    LB-I1B 1260/1460 630 1100 0.169/0.187
    LB-E2B12 2490 630 1100 0.259
    LB-E2B14 2890 630 1100 0.287
    LB-E3B12 3720 630 1100 0.366
    LB-E3B14 4320 630 1100 0.407
    LB-E4B12E 4950 630 1100 0.484
    LB-E4B14E 5750 630 1100 0.54
    LB-H2B12 1260 1230 1100 0.24
    LB-H2B14 1460 1230 1100 0.261
    LB-W4B12 2490 1230 1100 0.389
    LB-W4B14 2890 1230 1100 0.425
    LB-W6B12 3720 1230 1100 0.525
    LB-W6B14 4320 1230 1100 0.574
    LB-W8B12 4950 630 1100 0.665
    LB-W8B14 5750 630 1100 0.729


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As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, Dious is decicated to creating green and comfortable workspaces for our clients, with comprehensive solution proposals based on wide-range products and customized options. We provide a full range of products and solutions for all kinds of workspaces globally.

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• Leading role in commercaial furniture
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Wide-range Products

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Industry 4.0 trends

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Our Service

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