Modern Executive Office Design And Features —— Lauris Series

Do you know how to design your executive offices with the latest interior design trends?


Nowadays, our workspace are constantly changing with the needs of users,  and a new concept of office design has emerged,  which aims to improve the workspace to satisfy the needs of managers.


The interior of the exquisite office has the best functions and visual effects, the design of the Lauris Series is full of technology, and the appearance is generous and decent, making the limited space full of infinite passion.


Modern executive office layout features


1. Maximum space utilization: Use practical office furniture, it can accommodate various office equipment, such as computers, printers, phones, files, etc.


2. Diversification of office space: The multifunctional office space can meet various needs of users, and with various different single pieces, it can adapt to any situation, such as setting up private bathrooms, break areas, etc.


3. Workplace diversity: Many executive offices not only receive partners and clients but are also used to hold meetings with employees.


The key to executive office design is a combination of office style and ergonomics that provides a comfortable place to communicate important information.


Let's explore how the Laureus Collection achieves all these!

Stylish and functional office area

Generally, office spaces are designed based on a combination of comfort and practicality for users to manage their companies, but we can also decorate executive offices with sophisticated furniture or avant-garde design elements to create a unique office environment.


The Lauris series of the executive desk is designed with two-color collisions and the front panel is decorated with embossed ripples for special visual enjoyment. The intelligent line box is configured with a voice control function and wireless charging, and the functional sub-cabinet can be optional left and right, with powerful storage, which is conducive to the diversification of office space.


The dazzling color combination is eye-catching

The color style of the office layout should match the company's brand image, for example, using neutrals, creams, whites, and grays on the walls and a stronger color combination in the furniture and decoration,  which is eye-catching and helps improve employee productivity.


The filing cabinet continues the purple teak wood as the main tone, and the tawny glass sliding door with a bright yellow high-back chair makes the whole space bright and transparent.


Humanized design of the conference area



Maximizing the utilization of space is an important element in designing an office. By reasonably optimizing the office space, make it spacious and tidy.


The conference table is designed with neat lines, and the desktop is equipped with movable cable boxes, which effectively adjust power usage. The detailed design of the conference chairs with rounded curved corners can reduce the collisions and bring a different conference experience.


Spacious office leisure area

The diversity of office space can meet the needs of different users, Laurice series tends to combine work and rest, and the charm of the space from the clever combination of office furniture. 


Sofa in the office can be used for resting or receiving customers. 

The sofa of the Lauris series has a three-dimensional wide armrest design, the backrest is evenly stressed, which brings a comfortable sitting experience. The mint green color paired with the exquisite marble texture coffee table is elegant.


DIOUS commercial furniture, with continuous product design and innovation, brings endless surprises and presents more artistic private spaces for the urban elite.

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