Humanism, practicability and beautiful, Tinlay series, with its precious design and beautiful color selections, makes our workspace more elegant, stylish and efficient.
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Each catch wire box(es)



Tinlay has one or two wire boxes(depends on table size) with multiple sockets fully satisfy charging demands and clear routing of wires, bringing a visual aesthetic to conference space.

MFC Conference Table
MFC Conference Table

Multiple configurations and dimensions



Tinlay series has different dimensions of conference tables, ranging from 2.4 m to 4.8 m in length. Even for the smallest size, the geometric base design leaves enough space under the tabletop to free your legs during the meetings.

Streamlined outlook



Tinlay conference table, with the streamlined outlook, presents elegant, neat and exquisite. Two directions of wood grain between two ends and the middle part neutralizes the monotony of only one single direction, fresh and beautiful. Light gray color in the middle with simple rectangle shape highlights the simplicity of the table and brings high efficiency..

MFC Conference Table

conference table for sale

minimalist conference table

awesome conference tables

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  • Specifications
  • Space
  • Product Product Model Width Depth Height V/CBM
    TL-D0128 2800 2100 760 0.4723
    TL-D0222 2200 1800 760 0.3519
    TL-D0224 2400 1800 760 0.3649
    TL-D0318B 1800 1600 760 0.2909
    TL-D0320B 2000 1600 760 0.3024
    TL-D0416 1600 1400 760 0.2293
    TL-S0132 3200 400 2000 0.5679
    TL-S0224 2400 400 2000 0.3703
    TL-S0308 800 400 2000 0.1544
    TL-S0512 1200 400 800 0.1183
    TL-C0132 3200 1200 760 0.3804
    TL-C0148 4800 1500 760 0.6162
    TL-F0112 1200 600 450 0.0625
    TL-F0106 600 600 450 0.0377
    TL-H0101 400 400 580 0.0372


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