Porsche P60

This series combines the charm of the oriental style with the essence of the Western style. Bringing the classic and the modern together makes your office look stunning. With its sleek design, versatile sizing options, and a commitment to sustainability, this desk offers the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility.
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 Porsche executive desk2

Design and function

This executive desk with locking drawers draws inspiration from the captivating appearance of Porsche cars, renowned for their luxury, performance, and sleek design. The desk incorporates the same attention to detail, precision, and aesthetics associated with Porsche, creating a visually striking and sophisticated workspace. From the smooth curves to the sleek lines, every aspect of the desk captures the essence of luxury and modernity.

Executive desk with a smooth line


Designed to make a statement in executive offices, this gray executive desk features a sophisticated color scheme. The elegant grey color exudes a sense of refinement and professionalism, while the gold metal side detailing adds a touch of opulence. The overall streamlined design integrates the desktop, cabinet, and front baffle, creating a unique taste, full of technology and fashion. The combination of these elements creates an executive office ambiance that is both elegant and visually captivating.

 Porsche executive desk3
 Porsche executive desk4

Diversity of products


This series also includes 6 different sizes of desks with cabinets to choose from, which means that it has a huge product family and provides customers with diversified furniture solutions. Whether you require a compact desk for a smaller office or a larger desk to accommodate multiple monitors and workspace accessories, you can choose the size that best fits your requirements.

Dious has always been committed to making a contribution to nature and the human environment by integrating energy-saving policies into the design. Our sustainability principle ensures we design our products with the life cycle in mind. To achieve this goal, we source materials and control quality responsibly and carefully.

The modern executive computer desk's construction ensures longevity and durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and further minimizing waste. By choosing this desk, you can enjoy a luxurious workspace while also contributing to a greener future.

 Porsche executive desk1







executive office desk

modern executive desk

executive desk set

executive desk with side cabinet

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  • Specifications
  • Space
  • Product Model No. Width Depth Height V/CBM




    BP60-D0628 3200 2080 750 0.54 




    BP60-D0632 2800 2080 750 0.53 




    BP60-D0624 2400 1880 750 0.41 




    BP60-D0724 2400 1880 750 0.42 




    BP60-D0720 2000 1680 750 0.34 




    BP60-D0718 1800 1680 750 0.31 


  • Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes



    Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes
    Create a home where they can surround themselves with their project and display their thinking.




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