Classic Veneer

The conference table adopts an integrated design. The logs are very textured, and the office furniture is perfectly integrated. The color tone matches the conference space as a whole, which enhances the vitality of the entire space.
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 meeting table

Spectacular temperament

The overall log color design is full of classic charm and vitality. The strong table leg support adds a steady and firm quality to the executive conference table.

The thickened wooden desktop emphasizes the breath of nature for the overall meeting space and injects vitality into the office space.


Exquisite table leg design

The petal-shaped table legs bring a different visual experience to the entire conference table. The wood-colored conference table for the office is combined with the petal design, making people feel like they are in nature. 

The ingenious table leg design adds a lot of artistic elements to the entire meeting space and provides strong support.

 meeting table
 meeting table

Metal table leg design

In addition to the closed solid wood meeting table design, there is also a steel leg hollow design. The steel leg design not only provides strong support but also saves enough space under the table to relax the legs.
The metallic design adds modernity and style to the entire meeting space.







This podium is suitable for the scene where many people speak, provides a suitable space solution for different meeting needs, and highlights the practicality and diversity of Dious office furniture.

 meeting table
 meeting table





The single-person podium creates an independent and exclusive space for personal speeches and is suitable for single-person speech scenarios.


Sustainability with Dious Furniture's comprehensive solutions

Apart from comfort, Dious Furniture is committed to sustainability, designing products with our entire life cycle in mind. As a responsible manufacturer, Dious Furniture takes on obligations towards national carbon reduction policies, making efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce the effects of global warming on the environment.

 meeting table







conference table

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  • Product Model No. Width Depth Height V/CBM

    meeting table1

    S901C60-1H 6000 2000 780 2.18

    S902C60H 6000 2000 780 2
    S903C36H 3600 1500 760 1.07

    meeting table1

    S906C24H 2400 1200 760 0.386

    S908C32H 3200 1400 760 0.57
  • Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes



    Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes
    Create a home where they can surround themselves with their project and display their thinking.




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Wide-range Products

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Industry 4.0 trends

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Our Service

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