Ferrari P60

This full height storage cupboard series is a breakthrough of Dious in the field of high-end thickening design, integrating the essence of industrial design, the technical requirements of automobiles, and artistic aesthetics into office furniture. This storage cupboard is meticulously designed to not only provide ample storage space but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any workspace.
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Modern versatile file cabinet


With its full-height design, this solid wood office cabinet offers extensive storage capacity, allowing you to organize and store a wide range of items efficiently. The solid wood office cabinet features shelves, closets, and compartments that completely suit your specific storage needs. Whether you need to store documents, office supplies, electronics, or personal belongings, this cupboard provides flexibility and versatility to accommodate them all.























Dious has always been committed to making a contribution to nature and the human environment by integrating energy-saving policies into the design.


By incorporating sustainable principles into its design and manufacturing processes, the Ferrari-inspired solid wood office storage cabinet stands as a testament to the possibility of creating luxurious and visually stunning furniture while minimizing environmental impact. It exemplifies the idea that sustainability and elegance can coexist harmoniously, providing a responsible choice for those who appreciate both style and environmental stewardship.



Dious Ferrari file cabinet in office





Advanced and practical

The use of high-quality materials adds a touch of opulence to the overall design. The majestic and mature design style creates an urban fashion, combined with artistic dynamics.
Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines and captivating design of Ferrari cars, this storage cupboard exhibits a modern and sophisticated style that will elevate the ambiance of any workspace. It is multi-functional and practical, and at the same time has a nobleness and elegance that surpasses everything. In this workspace, the combination of human and artistic will make business office space feel more unique and silent and is beneficial for work efficiency.

















file cabinet

Ferrari P60

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  • Specifications
  • Space
  • Product Model No. Width Depth Height V/CBM



    FP60-S0108 800 400 2000 0.17 



    FP60-S0212 1200 400 2000 0.21 



    FP60-S0424 2400 400 2000 0.40 


    file cabinet


    FP60-H0112 1200 400 900 0.1


  • Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes



    Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes
    Create a home where they can surround themselves in their project and display their thinking.




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