Classic Veneer

This series adopts an integrated design, the logs are very textured, and the office furniture is perfectly integrated. The color tone and the overall space of the office desk, file cabinet, and conference table are very matching, which enhances the vitality of the executive office setup.
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 executive desk

Fusion of raw wood and leather

The wood color full of nature is matched with high-grade craft gray leather, and the executive desk artwork presents a majestic atmosphere.

The apparent wood grain restores the ecological beauty of nature and brings vitality to the office space. The premium touch of high-end leather enhances the quality of the entire executive office layout.

Unique pattern design

The carefully carved rhombus pattern endows the front face of the stage with a sense of order and mathematics.

It highlights the geometric elements in the shape and expresses the designer's respect and sincerity for the office space. The flexible pattern elements bring different sophistication to the dignified office space.

executive desk
executive desk4

Large storage space

The side cabinet is equipped with a closed storage space, which is convenient for storage and ensures privacy. A variety of cabinets provide sufficient storage configurations for the office space. Locked cupboards enhance privacy.

Promoting Sustainability with Advanced Designs

At Dious Furniture, sustainability is at the core of our design philosophy. We understand the importance of creating comfortable, functional, and eco-friendly products. We take pride in integrating energy-saving policies in our work and designs, and we are committed to reducing the effects of global warming through our products.

executive desk3

executive office desk

modern executive desk

executive desk set

executive desk with side cabinet

office desk

office table

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  • Specifications
  • Space
  • Product Model No. Width Depth Height V/CBM

    executive desk

    S101D20H 2000 1000 760 0.6
    S101D22H 2200 1100 760 0.67

    S101D24H 2400 1100 760 0.82
    S102D24H 2400 1100 760 0.86

    S102D28H 2800 1150 770 1.05
    S103D18H 1800 900 760 0.44

    S105D16H 1600 800 760 0.40
    S106D16H 1600 800 760 0.40

    executive desk

    S107D16H 1600 800 760 0.43
    S202D14H 1400 700 760 0.21

    S202D16H 1600 1800 760 0.23
    EB-107D16H 1600 800 760 0.395

    executive desk

    EB-203D14H 1400 700 760 0.75
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About Dious

As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, Dious is decicated to creating green and comfortable workspaces for our clients, with comprehensive solution proposals based on wide-range products and customized options. We provide a full range of products and solutions for all kinds of workspaces globally.

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• Leading role in commercaial furniture
• Long history: founded in 2005
• Strong productivity: over 1 million square meters for 4 manufacturing bases
• Dious Test Lab: CNAS conformity assessment

Wide-range Products

Wide-range Products

• Comprehensive range for commercial furniture
• Office furniture: tables, cabinets, sofas, chairs
• Hotel & apartment furniture
• Healthcare furniture
• Customized furniture

Industry 4.0 trends

Industry 4.0 trends

• Advanced production faciliteies
• Automatic robltic productiont line
• Digitization construction

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Our Service

• Solutions Proposal: CAD layout & rendering
• ODM & OEM service
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