Office Furniture Solution for Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport

Time of issue:Dec 13,2022

Located at the southern tip of mainland China, Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport is the only 4E standard international airport in western Guangdong, belonging to the national one class air port.


The airport is delicately and chicly. Dious uses a red and white chequers ceiling design, which integrates the elements of Zhanjiang's red clay to bring out the local characteristics.


Space planning is divided into three major areas: daily office, conference collaboration, and communication sharing. 

Dark wood finishes are used mainly in the furniture, simple and sharp, combined with soft and breathable meeting chairs, not tired of sitting for a long time, which can fully relieve the fatigue of the participants.


Entering the leisure area, the color of the space begins to jump. In the interval of busy work, you can taste coffee and relax for a moment for the tense spirit.


With the opening of the new airport, Wuchuan has become a platform for connecting the world to Zhanjiang.

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