Hotel Furniture Solution for Conghua Yunling Lake Hotel

Time of issue:Mar 10,2023

  Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel01

Conghua Yunling Lake Hotel is a luxury 5-five hotel, with excellent environment next to the park, which is an international and comprehensive commercial hotel, offering different collaborative activities such as conferences, training, new lauch press, wedding cecemony, company banquet, etc.


Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel02


Dious is honored to supply furniture to Conghua Yunling Lake Hotel. Our furniture solution integrated Southern Chinese Style into modern western aethetics, wishing to give customers the feeling of dignity and glory, gaining an excellent travel experience with the comfortable and luxury furniture.



Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel04




We used luxury splendid furniture to furnish the lobby. And meantime, we also applied the simplified modern liner elements to create the comfortable and relaxing reception area. The balance of light and dark colors of fabric sofas make customers feel at ease.


Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel05




For the canteen,  we used the tables and chairs with the colors catering to nature, like green and wood color, with decoration of white color to highlight the brightness of life. We wish all the guest can enjoy their meal to start a new and beautiful day.


Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel06


Different space style depends on the quality, color and shape of furniture material. Not only  local culture points, but also mordern beauty. Suitable furniture can express environment culture in convenience. So apart from western styled cateen, we also used Chinese round table to ensure over 10 people eating at the same table to have close relationship and feel at home.




Comfortable woodern furniture is simple and lovely without the usual bulding style.  When you wake up from the comfortable bed, seeing the furniture design catering to natural landscape, you will know what is the happiness in your life. We can feel cultural magic from slience color and shape design. 

Hotel Furniture Solution for Jingzhou Holiday Hotel07



Business space is the important part of a hotel, in which most of commercial activities held here. Based on different business purposes and levels in demand, we furnished the spaces with different furniture. For formal and high level conferences, we supplied one-seater sofa with comfortable fabric sofas to ensure participants safe personal space. And as for corporate meetings or trainings, we offered wood color veneer conference table with black leather chairs to ensure comfortable seating experience with long-time meeting.  

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We welcome our distinguished customers to contact us for commercial space solutions. We are specialized in producing office furniture, hotel furniture, healthcare furniture as well as education furniture. With over 18 years development, we have stepped into top 4 office furniture brand in China and become the leading furniture vendor for most fortune 500 companies.


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