Office Furniture Solution for The Kenya Government Parliamentary Administrative Bunge Tower Building

Time of issue:May 22,2024

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Bunge Tower - A Testament of Excellence and Persistence On April 25, 2024, the magnificent Bunge Tower was officially opened by President Dr. William Ruto, marking the culmination of Housing 331 offices, restaurants,  a restaurant, and a health club, beautifully integrating nature via an open garden. As the Official Office supplier Dious Furniture, chosen by the Kenyan Parliament, has mirrored its dedication to quality and quantity over three years into every corner of the building.

Matching and Dignity

A distinctive Dious series designed exclusively for government administrative figures takes precedence in the Bunge Tower's office spaces. The furniture's design aligns perfectly with the usage habits common in African regions, presenting a deep brown wood-like finish for the exterior. Pure black seats such as chairs add a touch of contrast, delivering an overall image echoing authority, solemnity, and the serious decorum indicative of a government parliamentary administrative body.


Luxurious experience and Cost-Effectiveness

Especially in response to customer requests, the furniture assures comfort and aesthetic appeal that is as close as possible to the experience of solid wood, while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This fully reflects the Dious furniture design team's masterful skills in applying solid wood, melamine, veneer, and more.


As a pillar in China's commercial furniture market, Dious ranks among the top four office furniture manufacturers. Serving over 10,000 global customers with furniture solutions, Dious eagerly anticipates exchanging insights with peers across the design and construction sectors.



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