About Us

Leading Commercial Furniture Manufacturer


Dious was founded in 2005 and with decades' development, it has led the commercial furniture market with a diverse range of products for workspaces, hotels, and healthcare. 


It now has 4 manufacturing bases with over 1 million square meters, around 5 thousand employees, and an annual turnover of 300 million US dollars. 


DIOUS, as an integrated company with R&D, manufacturing, sales and after sales service, supplies contract-quality furniture to clients and customers with eco-friendly materials, modern and fashionable designs, diverse ranges, competitive prices as well as commitment to after-sale guarantee. 


Dious Furniture Group (full name: Dious Furniture Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 201.8 million)

Quality Assurance

Dious, as an office furniture industry leader, all its tests are performed in compliance with national and international standards to meet the regular requirements - such as chemical emissions.


The modeling tends to be simple and the overall structure is templated