Boyue series, winner of "Kapok Design Awards China"

By fusing technical space design and Italian minimalist mechanics and aesthetics, Boyue, designed by WOMEZ, a sub-brand of Dious, creates an aesthetic space that is truly unique.

Time of issue:2022-01-13


Boyue series overview
"Kapok Design Awards China", one of the most influential product design awards in China, was launched in 2006, the only annual international design award in China that. It is jointly certified by three authoritative international design organisations: International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), International Council of Design (Icograda), and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), under the leadership of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government as the origin of Guangzhou Design Week. 
Boyue series Awards
Kapok Design Awards
Boyue, designed by WOMEZ, sub-brand of Dious, creates a unique aesthetic space with the perfect fusion of technical space design and Italian minimalist mechanics and aesthetics.
Boyue series Design
Boyue draws on the essence of Italian minimalism, and provides a good choice for users who pursue personalization. The series creates a quiet and leisurely atmosphere with semi-enclosed space, keeping people away from distractions, enlightening their minds, devoting their infinite enthusiasm to work.


"Kapok Design Awards China",sub-brand of Dious,influential product design awards