Skandanshi infra projects India FF&E supply and installation

Time of issue:Dec 10,2021

Inspiring ideas and solutions



projects reception

Mr. Hanumantha was inspired by spaceship’s dynamic form to design the reception desk, which is an important zone firstly seen by people, and chose marble gray highlighting its tech sense.


Reception Lounge

projects waiting lounge

Beside the reception, waiting lounge was brightened by the mix-matched colors of blue, light purple and white, fresh and relaxing.


Meeting Room

projects meeting room

For small conference rooms, it was suggested to use simplified designed white meeting tables together with black chairs against blue cushions, a perfect space for brainstorming and minds meeting.



projects lounge

Green colored rest area not only makes corporate culture a natural part of this space but also strengthen employees’ sense of belonging.


Staff Area

projects working area

projects working space

Workstations were paid much attention to as it is the generating space from where most good minds and ideas created, comfortable sofas available beside the working tables for employees chatting, communicating and discussion.

To allow employees to immerse themselves in innovative work, an ergonomic chair is a must-have choice in the workspace to ensure they remain comfortable and productive throughout working hours.


Manager Cabin

projects manager cabin


Conference Room

Conference Room

Customized wood veneer painting conference table was demanded with lift screen for better view. The human-oriented designs allow discussions and collaborations to unwind smoothly and productively.



Conference Room 2

Auditorium chairs selection in Dious showroom and installation at site


Conference Room 3

Auditorium after furnishing


project leaders

 Chief Architect: Mr. Hanumantha Rao        Mr. Hanumantha Rao together with our Partner Mr. Jay and Dious business team


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