Ferrari P60

This series is a big family with a full range of products, including executive tables, file cabinets, conference tables, coffee tables, and tea tables, offering a complete furniture solution for all working spaces. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and taking cues from the sleek and captivating curves of Ferrari cars, this furniture series offers a truly unique and exhilarating workspace experience.
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High-end craft

The car-inspired luxury modern executive desk is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a luxurious feel. This executive desk seamlessly integrates technology into its design. It features discreet cable management systems to keep wires organized and out of sight, maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace.
Luxurious leather, graceful lines, metal texture, and the arc edge of the Roman column offer an artistic experience to your office area.


















Automotive-Inspired Details

This grey executive desk boasts a striking design that draws inspiration from the iconic exterior curves of Ferrari sports cars, creating a captivating visual appeal. Its sleek lines, aerodynamic contours, and dynamic silhouette pay homage to the elegance and precision associated with this famous automotive brand - Ferrari.




































Stylish and practical design

 Designed with ergonomics in mind, this grey L-shaped desk offers a comfortable and efficient workspace. Designed with a metal texture, the side cabinet is divided into several different areas, each with a specific purpose, making it easy for users to access important documents and protect privacy. It's easy to keep important records in the side-locking drawers for convenience.















Our sustainability principle ensures we design our products with the life cycle in mind. Dious has always been committed to making a contribution to nature and the human environment by integrating energy-saving policies into the design. 

The car-inspired executive desk is not only a symbol of luxury and design excellence but also embodies a solid commitment to sustainability. Designed under the principles of environmental responsibility, this desk incorporates sustainable practices and materials without compromising its stunning aesthetics or performance.

Ferrari P60 Ecexutive desk

executive desk for sale

executive desk set

modern executive desk

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  • Space

    Product Model No. Width Depth Height V/CBM


    Ferrari file cabinet-1


    FP60-D0132 3200 2120 750 0.51 


    Ferrari file cabinet-2


    FP60-D0128 2800 2120 750 0.47 


    Ferrari file cabinet-3


    FP60-D0124 2400 1920 750 0.37 


    Ferrari file cabinet-4


    FP60-D0224 2400 1850 750 0.38 


    Ferrari file cabinet-5


    FP60-D0220 2000 1650 750 0.28 


    Ferrari file cabinet-6


    FP60-D0218 1800 1650 750 0.29 


    Ferrari file cabinet-7

    FP60-D0216 1600 1650 750 0.24 






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