Panel Systems

Open workspace concepts are a hot trend right now, allowing employees to communicate and collaborate better. But working in this kind of space, the right to privacy is greatly oppressed, which has certain negative effects. The panel systems formed by the screens effectively solve many negative problems brought about by the open working environment - lack of privacy, increased noise, etc.

Dious, as a leading office furniture manufacturer & supplier, is dedicated to creating green and comfortable workspaces for our clients, with comprehensive solution proposals based on wide-range products and customized options.

For privacy concerns in open spaces, Dious offers you workstation panel systems in a variety of shapes and configurations. Color, material, and whether the panel has wheels are all optional. So you can always find the right cubicle for your office space.

If you have a group of people working on the same team, cubicle collections allow them to easily exchange information as they work, while maintaining their own individual workspaces.

In addition to a variety of compartment shapes and configurations, workstation panel systems can also be customized. You can assemble individual panels according to the shape or style of your own office space to create a unique space that suits you. This is also an advantage of modular office furniture, which has super practicality and adaptability.
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