Wisdom P60 Staff Workstation

A free combination of staff benching for the team with double seats can be extended infinitely, placed flexibly, and offered for different scales of offices easily. The open design breaks the boundaries of the office, facilitates communication among team members, and achieves more efficient collaboration and communication.
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The function of the table

The slender and stable metal table legs, on the one hand, save ample space under the table, create more relaxation areas under the table, let the feet stretch freely, and make the working space more comfortable. 

On the other hand, it provides enough safety support for your countertop.

Unique desktop design

It breaks through the traditional screen design, enhances personal privacy, and improves work efficiency without reducing work communication. The round wiring system has a higher utilization rate, and a semi-open office space is constructed in a more elegant way.

The desktop has a large working space, more fashionable color matching, and returns to the original design concept. For your office space, create a novel screen workstation.

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staff workstation 2

Storage and Security

Reasonable storage space is planned for the staff position, which brings great convenience to office life. In order for convenient keeping of your private office documents, we apply a 3-digit password lock with vertical assembly, which echos to the decoration lines.

Some items are placed in any touchable space, which greatly improves work efficiency. Important documents can be stored in a secret locker, which is high-grade, convenient, and safe.

Office furniture and environmental protection

Developing with green, we are a qualified environmental protection enterprise. The raw materials of furniture are strictly controlled, and all products meet the international environmental labeling product certification. 
Dious keeps up with the sustainable development of the ecological environment, establishes product characteristics, and creates healthy and green commercial furniture products.

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comprehensive office furniture

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staff benching

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  • Product Product Model Width Depth Height V/CBM


    Wisdom P60 workstation



    1200 1010



    2800 1200 1030 0.26


    DP60-D0314 1400 1200 1010 0.17


    DP60-D0326 2600 1200 1030 0.26


    DP60-D0415 1532 1200 1010 0.2


    DP60-D0415YS 1532 1200 1030 0.18




    2400 1030



    1550 2400 1030 0.29


  • Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes



    Make Room for Efficient and Comfortable Tribes
    Create a home where they can surround themselves in their project and display their thinking.




    staff workstation


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