ST Microelectronics (ST) -Office furniture supply and installation

Time of issue:Dec 10,2021

STMicroelectronics (ST) Group was established in 1987. As the world's fifth largest semiconductor manufacturer, it was formed by the merger of SGS Microelectronics in Italy and Thomson Semiconductor in France.


STMicroelectronics Outlooking


We are honored to serve STMicroelectronics (ST) with office furnitures. The project is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China. Taking into account the busy daily rhythm of R&D and technical personnel and private working space demand, we use Lambo panel systems to ensure efficiency and privacy, creating a quiet and peaceful working environment without affecting communications with colleagues.

STMicroelectronics Working Area


Lambo panel system, available to customize dimensions, has versatile combinations with the modular design to create different layouts freely and flexibly.


STMicroelectronics Working Space


STMicroelectronics Working environment 1


STMicroelectronics Working environment 2


The regular colors of Lambo series is white and gray. For the collaborative spaces, we use simplified white color desks and chairs to form a modern and simple stylish working spaces.


STMicroelectronics rest area


STMicroelectronics Meeting Room





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