Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel

Time of issue:Dec 12,2022

Shanshui S Hotel is a medium and high-end hotel of CYTS Shanshui Hotel Group, which has already covered many famous tourist cities along the high-speed rail line.

In this case, Dious took "Chenpi Culture" as the theme, combining the new Chinese style with modern simplicity to create a pleasant and natural travel space for guests.


Hotel Lobby


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel01


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel02


As soon as you enter the hotel, you will be surprised by its strong oriental aesthetics.

Exquisite tea table furniture, elegant lighting, and interesting antique shelf interpret the ultimate Lingnan cultural, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.


Guest Room

With a semi-open space layout, the guest rooms are stylish, combining the essences of Eastern and Western cultures.


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel03


Taking inspiration from ChenPi culture, the guest room's decoration features orange as the keynote and elegant blue bedding, intertwined with calmness and enthusiasm to create a unique visual effect.


Large-area material collisions and minimalist linear divisions, combined with stylish furniture shapes, make the space appear more spacious and comfortable.


Suite room

Suite space is more abundant and varied. 
The combination of elegance logs and beige, along with the copper-colored metal lines, is well proportioned.


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel04


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel05


At the same time, the suite is equipped with log tea table furniture, fresh and elegant new Chinese style, giving people a feeling of peace and tranquility. Whether tea-tasting or watching the scenery, it is very comfortable.


Meeting Space


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel06


Hotel Furniture Solution for Shanshui S Hotel07


Shanshui S Hotel has large and small meeting rooms with all the conference facilities.
The spacious and bright meeting space, equipped with movable long tables, is convenient and practical, satisfying office needs such as business and training development.


Shanshui S Hotel is committed to providing customers with quality products, excellent service and pleasant experience, making guests feel a warm and comfortable travel life.

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