Apartment Furniture Solution For BIN FEN Apartment

Time of issue:Dec 13,2023

The objects of Dious's services this time are FEEL and MORN, which BIN FEN Apartment owns.
Young talents in Hefei are the main customer group of Bin Fen apartments. Therefore, in the design and creation of this product, we combined their pursuit of life aesthetics and high-quality life requirements, using different materials, colors, details, and other elements to build unique charms—apartment space.

Futing Feel

The Futing FEEL project achieves a balance between comfort and functionality in indoor space design. Offering a variety of layouts for tenants to choose from, it utilizes modular furniture products to partition living spaces, thereby optimizing space utilization.

Dious 1

This includes a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and separate bedroom. The space is characterized by a bright and vibrant style, predominantly featuring a collision of blue and orange colors.

Dious 2

Wooden floors, light-toned sofas, floor lamps, black-and-white coffee tables, plush rugs – the selection of each piece of furniture and decor is just right, with simple yet sophisticated lines.

Dious 3

The lively blue elements, visually enriching the layers, effortlessly alleviate the monotony and dullness in the space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Dious 4

Between the bedroom and the living room, the main color scheme is consistently applied, maintaining a sense of independence while fostering a cohesive connection. The soft tones create an elegant and comfortable resting atmosphere.

Muting MORN reconfigures functional zones, emphasizing detailed treatment and creating ambiance, endowing the space with maximum freedom and a new sense of order.

Dious 5

Bright orange serves as the visual focal point of the space. Connecting the living room and bedroom with a consistent color block, it uses color and lighting to enhance the ambiance of the small living area.

Low-saturation sofa, textured coffee table, vintage orange leather dining chairs, and more, showcase a soft sense of sophistication, bringing a feeling of freedom and boundless inclusivity.

Dious 6

Pursuing minimalism while incorporating design comfort, it steers clear of bold colors and extravagant shapes. The calm color palette allows warmth and elegance to coexist.

Dious 7

Dious 7

The concise and powerful design language allows the mind and body to fully immerse in the all-encompassing atmosphere of the dwelling, interpreting a relaxed sense of life.

The refreshing green, when paired with understated colors, sheds the dullness of styles, allowing people to escape life's weariness and enjoy moments of tranquility.

Dious 8

The bedroom continues with a predominant natural wood tone, featuring natural wood textures and warm yellow lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Upon entering the room, one immediately feels a sense of relaxation.



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