Hotel Furniture Solution For RADISSON RED Hotel

Time of issue:Nov 25,2023

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Dious is pleased to provide a hotel furniture solution for RADISSON RED Hotel. Radisson RED Hotel is a high-end European hotel brand dedicated to showcasing its unique design culture and bold attitude, distinctly different from the traditional model of hotels. Dious continues the hotel brand's crimson-themed design philosophy, with a core design element inspired by a "nostalgic train station," seamlessly blending vintage elements with modern cultural design.

Drawing inspiration from art, music, design, and fashion, Dious creates a diverse and innovative living space, actively catering to the hotel's philosophy of providing relaxed and flexible services.


Lobby   Reception Area



The reception area offers a panoramic view from high above, capturing the breathtaking scenery. The overall multifunctional space is adorned with furniture and carpets inspired by the color red, emphasizing the modern urban vitality and a positive hotel atmosphere. The tiered layout, utilizing the spatial advantages, conveys a sense of relaxation and facilitates the realization of more ideas.


BAR COUNTER & Restanrant

Entering the corridor, the green visual effect exudes a vintage atmosphere. The bar lounge area is reminiscent of a "nostalgic train station" with green leather seats. The hotel's restaurant combines bar functions, offering guests a diverse experience and service.


Hotel Room


The hotel offers a variety of room types and styles, with a design centered around the red theme, seamlessly integrating art, music, design, and fashion. The passionate collision of red and black incorporates the bold and avant-garde style cherished by the younger generation, showcasing Radisson Red's professional standards and unique thematic approach.


WOW Suite & Function Room


The WOW room type is the most distinctive red-themed signature feature at Radisson RED Hotel. Cleverly separated colors and spatial arrangements bring a visual and high-quality service experience to our guests.


Meeting & GYM



The hotel also has conference rooms, gyms, and other multi-functional halls to meet the different needs of business and social interaction, providing guests with comfortable enjoyment, and creating a comfortable hotel environment in every detail.


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