Healthcare Furniture Solution For Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital Anhui Hospital

Time of issue:Jan 03,2024

Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Anhui Branch, strives to establish a comprehensive medical, teaching, research, prevention, and healthcare facility to meet the demand for high-level medical services.
In this project, Dious Furniture Group, with a focus on functional configuration, provides a professional overall solution for medical system furniture, contributing to the success of the initiative.

L-shaped nurse station

The nurse station, serving as the office space for medical staff, features flexible and varied furniture layouts. In terms of materials, the nurse station exhibits strong practicality, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The design of high and low-level surfaces in the nurse station primarily caters to functional needs. The elevated surfaces facilitate increased storage space and protect work privacy, while the lower cabinets promote easier communication.


U-shaped nurse station


Double curved-shaped nurse station

The nurse station is spacious and bright, meeting the requirements for high efficiency and flexibility. It enables more convenient and prompt service delivery to users.

Medical Cabinet

Compared to the open functionality of public areas, the medical cabinets in the rear working area have strict requirements in terms of safety, functionality, and user-friendliness.

According to the special requirements of different spaces, independently movable single cabinets can be customized, and integrated cabinets with various functions can also be provided. The materials meet the high standards of hospitals. The design of cabinet doors and drawers meets the requirements for scientific and orderly placement.

Medical furniture comes in a diverse range, covering almost all functions within a hospital, combining practical functionality with a comfortable environment. With a people-centric approach to medical space design, Dious aims to place the needs and expectations of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Anhui Branch, at the core. Together, we aspire to create a comfortable, safe, and warm medical environment.


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